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Standard Five
Standard 5 - Productivity and Professional Practice


S5.1  Uses technology resources to engage in on-going professional development and lifelong learning. 

In EDUC 6663, Integrating Technology in the Curriculum I, I participated in an on-line chat with four other classmates. The on-line chat forum was a great way to have professional discussions with other educators. During the chat, we reflected about the various things we learned during the class such as how to implement Webquests and Internet Inquiries into our curriculum as well as discussing edutainment versus technotainment. The on line chat was enlightening and beneficial to all of us and was the perfect format to engage in professional development and learning. 

S5.1 Artifact


S5.2  Continually evaluates and reflects on professional practice to make informed decisions regarding the use of technology in support of student learning. 

In a reflective essay written in EDUC 6664, Integrating Technology in the Curriculum II, I reflect on how far I have come in regards to the use of technology in the classroom. Reflection has become an important part of how I evaluate a lesson or unit. I have become more aware of the importance of presenting information though technology in a variety of ways so that different learning styles and intelligences are addressed. I am incorporating more project based learning activities in my classroom and continually look for more opportunities to infuse technology into my curriculum to support student learning.

S5.2 Artifact


S5.3 Applies technology to increase productivity

The Georgia themed newsletter I created in EDUC 6662 Media Tools fulfills the requirement for S5.3 which states that the teacher applies technology to increase productivity. By creating this newsletter, I was able to communicate a great deal of information to both students and parents in one document instead of four or five individual documents. I was able to inform the students and parents of the upcoming project due date and requirements as well as providing web links to assist the students in seeking the information they needed quickly and safely.  I also incorporated field trip information as well as Georgia Day activities and materials needed for the project in this document. By creating one document that has all of the important information regarding the upcoming unit, I was able to accomplish many tasks in one newsletter. I also saved the document to my hard drive so that I can use the newsletter next year with only minor revisions.

S5.3 Artifact

S5.3 Artifact (newsletter)


S.5.4  Uses technology to communicate and collaborate with peers, parents, and the larger community in order to nurture student learning.      

The website I created in Exploring New Technology EDUC 6661 and developed throughout my Masterís program satisfies outcome S5.4 My website provides fellow teachers, parents, and students with important information concerning our classroom and units of study. I have links for students to access reference information and games that reinforce topics of study in our classroom, as well as sites for parents with gifted students. My fellow teachers have also appreciated the Just For Teachers page. My website is user friendly and is a wonderful communication tool used to enhance student learning.

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