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Standard Four
Standard 4 - Assessment and Evaluation


S4.1  Applies technology in assessing student learning of subject matter using a variety of assessment techniques.

In EDUC 6664, Integrating Technology in the Curriculum II, I created a rubric using the Rubistar web site to assist in grading a final project in my Georgia Habitats unit. Creating a rubric on the Rubistar web site is easy, and I now use rubrics for all of my project-based assessments. Rubrics take the subjectivity out of grading for the teacher and provide the students with precise expectations for the project.


S4.1 Artifact


S4.2  Uses technology resources to collect and analyze data, interpret results, and communicate findings to improve instructional practice and maximize student learning.

In EDUC 6620, Collaborative Action Research, the topic of my research was to determine if using a software program called Kidspiration would help my students improve their writing scores. A rubric provided by the state of Georgia was used as a measurement tool to determine if students did not meet, met, or exceeded state writing standards. During the research process, student writing samples were collected and data was analyzed to determine that Kidspiration did help to enhance student writing. As a result of this action research, Kidspiration is now a part of my writing program this year.

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S4.3  Applies multiple methods of evaluation to determine studentsí appropriate use of technology resources for learning, communication, and productivity. 

In EDUC Integration of Technology II, I created the following rubric link   for a Science unit on Georgia Habitats. Students are using technology as a vehicle to obtain information throughout the unit. The rubric clearly defines student expectations for the final project with regard to knowledge gained, content accuracy, creativity, use of class, and presentation. The rubric takes the guess work out of the assignment or project for the student and takes the subjectivity out of grading for the teacher. I now create rubrics for all writing assignments and project-based assessments as well as other assignments. I especially enjoy the analysis feature on the Rubistar web site to help me clearly identify skills that my students still need help with.

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