Integrating Technology in the Classroom











Standard One
Standard 1 - Technology Operations and Concepts


S1.1 Demonstrates introductory knowledge, skills, and understanding of concepts related to technology (as described in the ISTE National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers).

As a requirement for EDUC 6662 Mulitmedia Tools: How to Research, Plan, and Communicate with Technology, I created a PowerPoint Presentation in place of a final reflective essay. This slide show is a comprehensive outline of the course. I believe this PowerPoint Presentation satisfies the requirements for outcome S1.1. The presentation addresses how teachers use technology to be more efficient communicators, increase productivity, and how educators can use technology for professional and personal growth.

S1.1 Artifact


S1.2 Designs developmentally appropriate learning opportunities that apply technology-enhanced instructional strategies to support the diverse needs of learners.

I believe the PowerPoint presentation I created in EDUC 6662 Media Tools: How to Research, Plan, and Communicate with Technology fills the learning outcome for S1.2. Coming into this class, I had never created a PowerPoint presentation. I chose to stay at home with my children for twelve years, and during that time, the information age passed me by. Stepping out of my comfort zone, I returned to teaching and after only one year, I began my Masterís program through Walden. I have learned a great deal in Media Tools class. I now feel confident in creating PowerPoint presentations to support student learning. But more than that, I feel confident to try to new things involving technology and the classroom.

S1.2 Artifact




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